Women's rejuvenation program. "Lotus Flower. For Women"

Women's rejuvenation program. "Lotus Flower. For Women"

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Burnout syndrome. For MEN

Burnout syndrome. For MEN

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Music Therapy  - Attention (for adults) 18+

Music Therapy - Attention (for adults) 18+

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"Coronavirus Nettablet". Dynamic support program-Immunomodulator   for women

"Coronavirus Nettablet". Dynamic support program-Immunomodulator for women

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Wellness wave technology. Digital First Aid Kit
Lightweight and easy to use
Guaranteed Effect
Low cost
Individual program development
We will develop an individual program of wave therapy in the shortest possible time.
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The use of wave therapy
Applicable at any age
For better learning
For the harmonious development of children
With features of development
In acute and chronic diseases
When dealing with addictions
For emotional disorders
Maintaining beauty and health
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Wave therapy has a lot of positive effects. This is an effective method that allows you to get rid of various pathological conditions in the body – without the use of drugs and additional prescriptions. It improves not only the work of internal organs, but also the psychoemotional state.
It has been clinically proven that the music, sound and light that lie at the heart of the wave therapy can restore health. Sound therapy, color therapy and music therapy are absolutely painless and comfortable procedures that have a beneficial effect on the body!
Wave therapy treatment can cope with various types of diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive and circulatory systems. They are regularly used in the rehabilitation period after injuries. This is only a small part of areas where treatment with wave therapy is effective, because the application field of wave therapy is truly vast!

Wave Therapy – efficient treatment and prevention in Wave of Health Clinic

The backbone of the treatment is the impact of color or sound waves of a special rhythm and frequency on the body. They help to stimulate physiological processes in the body. For example, acoustic waves provide restoration, maintenance and improvement of the psychoemotional and physical state.
Wave therapy can be used both as an independent method of treatment, and as an auxiliary component to activate the backup capabilities of the body, stimulate general health improvement and restore vitally important functions. In addition, it is an excellent prophylactic method for chronic pathologies and psychosomatic disorders.
The use of wave therapy treatment is especially important for children and adults with “special needs”. It helps to develop speech, higher mental functions and the skills required for social adaptation, as well as to correct the emotional-volitional sphere. It is effective against depressive states, phobias, stresses, emotional burnout, increased fatigability and asthenia.
Most experts consider wave therapy to be an excellent instrument for acceleration of the recovery process in the body after a disease. Besides, it can be used for prophylactic purposes, affecting the body as a whole. A pleasant bonus will be high spirits and normalization of concentration of attention and thinking.

Application of wave therapy – treatment and prevention

Positive effects from the use of wave therapy treatment:
  • activates recovery processes in the body;
  • can affect certain internal organs or inflammatory foci pointwise and have a stimulating effect from the wave massage;
  • eliminates or prevents psychoemotional disorders, anxiety state, phobias, etc.
Thanks to the comprehensive approach to the therapy and the optimal impact of acoustic waves on the body, a cumulative effect is formed providing a gradual normalization of the psychoemotional state of a person.
Acoustic waves penetrating into the internal organs and tissues accelerate recovery processes after injuries of varying severity (fractures, sprains). In some situations, wave treatment reduces the need for surgeries for problems with the cardiovascular system. Besides, the absence of harm allows Wave of Health Clinic to recommend using wave therapy for children.

Wave therapy is health improvement and activation of mental processes!

Acoustic waves are absolutely safe. They provide soft and accurate stimulation of the required internal organs. Thanks to the dotty impact, the treatment of pathological processes in the body becomes painless and effective.
There are special programs developed to help to eliminate the overweight, low sexual potency, restore reproductive function, and conduct anti-aging procedures. You can order an individual treatment, which will be selected exclusively for you and will take into account all your nuances and wishes.

How wave therapy works

Properly selected frequencies of acoustic waves along with pleasant music have a healing effect on a specific area where a pathological process is observed. Specialists in neuroacoustics working in the world research centers (D. Aldrige, K. Bruscia, A. Tomatis, HH Decker-Voigt, S.V. Shushardzhan, S. Kenny, D. Austin and others), proved that the use of frequency treatment will be absolutely safe for other organs and tissues. For example, the Tomatis method has gained a wide popularity.
It is clinically proven that in the process of receptive sound therapy, when the patient listens to the correctly selected music albums, his breathing, heartbeat and heart rate change, blood pressure becomes normal and muscle tension gets relieved. This is the therapeutic effect of wave treatment.
Treatment with wave therapy can be used as a prophylaxis, especially if there is a genetic predisposition to any types of diseases.
However, it is indicated only after obtaining approval from the attending physician or psychotherapist. Despite the widespread use and a small list of contraindications, it is necessary to be careful with this method and practice it under the supervision of specialists.
If you want to speed up the process of recovery and rehabilitation or to make prophylaxis for the whole organism, Wave of Health Clinic will select an effective individual wave therapy program for you!